Monday, September 9, 2013

Distant Works I

Distant Works I (C30 cassette)

A: Distance I
B: Distance II

Recorded during the same sessions as “The Silent March”, “Distant Works I” portrays a more minimalist approach from the aforementioned album. “Distance I” is a collection of tape loops that ebb and flow around warm drones, tape hiss, decayed piano, and smeared tones. “Distance II” opens with low-end drift, travels the space ways, and morphs from darkness to light. Recorded summer/fall 2010, edited/mixed spring 2013. Edition of 100.

The inaugural release on the Proposition label. Previews are here. Digital release can be purchased here

Cassette available from Aquarius, Mimaroglu, and Experimedia, and in Vancouver at Red Cat.

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